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Welcome to the eSPOONe website

We are very pleased that you have found your way to us. We would like to introduce you to eSPOONe.

You are interested in youth policy and youth work at European level and would like to actively participate in these topics, contribute your own ideas and help shape their implementation in the future?

You would like to have unlimited access to current news and the active exchange of young people from other federal states and other European countries who want the same things as you?

You also know the feeling that a girl described to us:

What we are all doing here is nothing more than throwing slices of sausage into a European lentil soup. Then they sink in there, but the soup is as big and as deep as an ocean! Our sausage slices will never be found again and we can’t look for them ourselves because we don’t even have a spoon.

Quote from a girl after completing her Europe project

eSPOONe provides you with the tools for youth policy and youth work at European level. And the good thing is that you can carve your own “spoon” at any time. You can find everything you need with us.